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A Kiss from Rose | Small Obedience

When some people think of "small," they think of insignificance, that it possibly will not make much difference. Some people believe that doing or saying something small will not make an impact; if so, how could it?

When someone says "please" or "thank you," it means a lot to the giver. It may have someone not mind giving, supporting, or comforting another person; those two words. Those two small words hold a lot of weight.

Making a small gesture like holding the door open may bring a smile to someone's face. Yes, something that small.

Taking someone to the grocery store, pharmacy, referring them, or what-have-you may seem small, but it may be huge in the receiver's eyes.

When people take the time to read or share Grandma's Corner, it is a blessing to me. It may seem small, but it brings joy to my heart.

Being obedient to the desire to read these messages can inspire you to pick up the Bible, share some wisdom with someone else, or put you in a better mood. It may seem like something small but could be a blessing in disguise.

How often have you said "Thank You, God," and He doubled your blessings or blessed you unexpectedly? How often have you told God, "yes," to His will or His way, and He granted you favor?

How about randomly picking up the Bible and reading it; you were blessed shortly after? That small obedience and voice inside you led you to a tremendous blessing.

Some of the subscribers received blessings today for just that, small obedience.


"To everyone that reads Grandma's Corner, thank you." - Alston Shropshire

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