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Thanks for your interest in booking me to speak at your event!

Simply choose a topic you are interested in booking and someone from my team will be in touch promptly. Be sure to check my current speaking schedule to make sure I’m available for the date you are requesting.


"Power of Prayer Life" Series

"To have a prayer life means that you are in constant communication with God."


Join Alston Shropshire as she discusses the importance of consistent prayer life in friendships, marriage and familial relationships. Learn how to pray for your loved ones and when to seek council from the Father.

Cracked Asphalt

"Cracked Foundation" Series

"Everyone is cracked - Jesus is the rock."


Join Alston Shropshire in this transformational event as she discusses how personal setbacks can affect our relationships, business and work. Learn how our past can help us to become more self-aware and slower to judgement."

Raindrops on Window

For The Praying Woman:
"Sinful Tear" Series

An uplifting event surrounded by powerful married women with a shared experience. Join Alston Shropshire as she discussed the importance of a marriage prayer life.

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