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Introducing Your Queen

Queen of Tinashe

OES's Sisters of Redemption #037

Delighted to share my victory as the Queen of Tinashe among the esteemed Sisters of Redemption #037! This esteemed title fuels my determination to ignite positive transformations within our community and beyond. However, I did not accomplish this alone – everyone’s support was essential.


Following my coronation, a portion of the raised funds was directed towards the noble cause of the Hailey Bankhead Foundation Incorporated, a testament to a mother's profound love for her child battling childhood cancer. Moreover, another segment of the proceeds has been designated for the prestigious Danielle Whiskey Memorial Scholarship, empowering two outstanding individuals. Countless generous contribution has undoubtedly made a lasting impact on the future of our community and afforded me the title of Queen!

Who is Keshia Cannady? 

Keshia stands as a paragon of strength and intellect in her community, deftly juggling her roles as a devoted mother of three and cherished grandmother of three. Her academic accolades, including a Bachelor's in Human Services and a Masters in Business Administration, underscore her blend of compassion and strategic acumen.

Beyond academia, Keshia's influence extends through her acclaimed book, "Grandma's Corner," a testament to her profound wisdom and inspirational insights. Fueled by unwavering faith, she endeavors to spread hope through uplifting prayers and guidance, touching the hearts of many.

Keshia's commitment to service is evident in her participation on the Boston Scientific Panel, advocating passionately for heart health. As a prominent member of Triumphant Word Ministries, she dedicates herself to various initiatives, from the Nursing Home Program to the First Lady's Event Committee. In each endeavor, Keshia exemplifies professionalism, intellect, and an unwavering dedication to making a difference.

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