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Alston Shropshire is an author who is stepping out on faith, to share with people, inspirational prayers and words of wisdom. The most important attributes learned from grandma’s house. Alston craves to strengthen others. She wants to share the events that were so essential in bleak moments and joyful celebrations.


The events throughout her latest book is something Alston feels that everyone has been affected by whether directly or indirectly. Nevertheless, she wants to show how the power of prayer and wisdom can change things. Alston wanted to write these events of life experiences for her sons, so they too would know through their storms how to pray and that things will work out for the greater good. In starting that process, she began thinking how many other sons and daughter, young or old can use these as inspirational tools to move forward through the storms of life.


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A glimpse into my world:


As a highly sought after transformational speaker, best selling author is on a mission to bring inspiration and change to people and organizations worldwide. Alston Shropshire impacts audiences through transparencies of her life's trials.

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