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A Kiss from Rose| January 2nd

You just got started, keep moving forward, don't give up! Have you ever heard of stories of pastors, singers, and, many other talented artists starting out doing what they love to an empty room? Well, I have. I have heard of artists starting on the chitterling circuit, not getting paid, shiesty managers, and below-grade business dealing; who are now selling out areas. They didn't give up. Have you just recently gotten married and it seems as if things are going downhill fast, don't give up? You can very well have a marriage that lasts 50 years. Just starting your business, and it seems as if you go in days on end with not one customer coming in? Keep going in, turning on the light, and ready to serve, all it takes is one customer. Keep moving forward in your dreams, your heart's desire, you are so close to victory. It is ok to cry, but don't stop moving. If Sean Carter had stopped, there would be no Tidal. If Beyonce Knowles gave up there would be no Ivy Park. Had Creflo Dollar had quit, there would be no World Changes. If T.D. Jakes has stopped there would be no Potter's House. If Joel Osteen had let his fears overtake him there would be no Joel Osteen Ministries. Don't give up! God can shine so bright on you, just wait on Him and be patient. Keep life speaking to your marriage, business, friendships, financial situation, children, job, and over you; watch how what seems empty will be FULL.


"Stand there boldly even if it is in an empty space." - Alston Shropshire



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