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A Kiss from Rose| Top Things God Heard

  1. God heard me call out His name when I was deep in sin. Just like He heard you.

  2. God heard the prayers of my children.

  3. God heard the petitions of my ancestors. Those petitions are covering me today.

  4. God heard the cry of the widow.

  5. God heard the request for healing.

  6. God heard the praises going up.

  7. God heard the plot of the enemy.

  8. God heard the war cry.

  9. God heard the claim of victory.

  10. God heard Himself declare I am His child.


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Lola Mae Haynes Hendricks (née Haynes) (December 19, 1932 – May 17, 2013) was corresponding secretary for Fred Shuttlesworth's Alabama Christian Movement for Human Rights from 1956 to 1963. She assisted Wyatt Walker in planning the early portions of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference's involvement in the 1963 Birmingham campaign during the Civil Rights Movement.[2] In 1963, Haynes began working for the Federal Government under the Social Security Administration, where she became one of the first African Americans to integrate amongst the whites into the workforce. Hendricks worked in files for about two years, and then was promoted to Clerk Typing and again, to Award Typing.[5]

Hendricks left her insurance company job in 1963 to join the newly integrated Birmingham office of the Social Security Administration. She was hired originally as a filer but was promoted to the unit clerk before moving to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission where she became a supervisor. She left in 1983 to care for her mother. In 1988 she rejoined the Social Security Administration where she worked until reaching retirement.[5] She continued to volunteer at the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute and in the mid-1990s she assisted the Birmingham Historical Society in researching movement churches and landmarks for National Register of Historic Places status.[2]

Photo of Photo take by: Alston Shropshire at the Civil Rights Institute



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