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A Kiss from Rose | The Audacity Part Two

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

Yesterday, we spoke about the audacity that you have is bold. How dare you? Who do you think you are? Not sure of what the audacity is, exactly? Well, let's jump right into some more scenarios. We must examine ourselves; it is essential. Hey, my toes got stepped on too. My baby toes are still hurting.

How dare you give yourself credit and can not give God the glory. None of these things are without God putting you in place. It is not without Him making a way and prevision. He has placed you where you need to be. He has set the opportunities in your path along with the people—the audacity of you.

  • How dare you turn your back on the people who believed in you when you didn't believe in yourself.

  • How disobedient you are, walking in hate when Jesus said to walk in love. The nerve of you.

  • How ironic it is that you prayed for these children, yet you treat them like a stranger.

  • Oh, you want the credit for the successful children, yet you didn't raise them.

  • You blame the village for the way your children turned out but forget it was not their responsibility in the first place.

  • You spread yourself thin with everyone in town, but you can't keep the one person happy that you made your vows to—the gall.

  • You invest in your friends but not in your spouse, and you see no issues with that. The audacity.

  • You want your friends to grow, but y'all can't pray together.

  • You invest in sports and not education, and when your child is not selected to the big leagues, you do not understand why they cannot get a job.

  • You are focused on the messenger and not the message, yet wonder why God hasn't sent a sign. He sent it; you missed it—the nerve.

  • Honoring your mother and father was not your priority, yet you want your children to honor you—the audacity.

  • You want the circle but not an asset to it—the audacity.

  • You are the oldest member of the church but talk about every member in the church. Messy over mentoring. The audacity.

  • Venting over therapy—the audacity.

  • You check on 95% of the church (family) but not the 5% (non-family members)—the audacity.

  • Telling each auxiliary what to do in the church, but you are not a member of any. The audacity.

  • Every year you say Rest in Peace to your loved one but haven't seen their children or wife since the funeral—the gall.

  • You are mad at your son/daughter for marrying their spouse, but the molester still sleeps in the back room—the audacity.


" People ears are open when the tea is pouring, but where are those same ears when the conversation is about God?"- Alston Shropshire


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