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A Kiss from Rose|October 28th

Have you ever been standing on the outside in dangerous conditions, with nowhere to turn? Stuck out in a snowstorm or hurricane? Severe lightning, perhaps? Have you knocked on the door trying to get into safety and could not get in? Sometimes we have to go to the most unlikely place or person to get help. That person we may have said was crazy or the house everyone is afraid to go to, do to all of the rumors we have heard. If you do not go, you could die. Once you get inside you are safe and warm. It doesn't seem so bad, after all, it is way better than where you were. You could have possibly died in those"outside" circumstances. God has locked you in! Doesn't it feel good to be safe and under His protection? Let me tell you from a different point and you may get it. Remember everyone thought Noah was crazy for building the arc? They all thought he lost his mind. What flood, it hadn't rained in a very long time. In the end, only Noah's family and the animals were saved. God lead the animal to a place where they would be locked in! God had Noah's family sealed in under His protection. Yes, the crazy man. Yes, the man whom everyone thought had lost His mind had built a place of refuge, under the instructions of God. Allow God to lead you to a place of safety. Allow God to lock you in His arms. When you are under the protection of God, nothing can touch you. No harm can get it. You are sealed in His blood. The thing is you have to go to the door and knock. Ask to be let in. Who wants to stand outside in the cold cruel world, with hatred, killing, selfishness, and wickedness without His protection?

Father God, I thank and praise You. Thank You for waking me up today. Thank You for sealing me under Your protection. Thank you for locking me in Your heart. Thank you for Your unyielding protection and unconditional love. In Jesus' name. Amen.



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