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A Kiss from Rose| Live Your Life

Are you constantly doing something for someone else? Are you barely meeting the needs of your own family? Listen, live your life! It is great to be of service. Yes, it is fulfilling. However, are you meant to live out your dreams as well? Don't you want to create memories? No one wants to look up, and time has passed them by, especially while listening to the memories or stories of those you spent running around for. You don't want to finally be able to stop running for everyone and realize you are too old to live. Take the road trip. Go on vacation. Relax at the spa. Have a five-star dining experience. Enjoy your wife or husband. Just live!

Don't get my point? Well, keep doing everything for everyone else while time passes you by. I am sure they are living their best life, doing exactly what they want to do.


" Be free and live, you can do it!" - Alston Shropshire

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