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A Kiss from Rose | In Forty Days

Do you know who God is using to save you? Can you identify if the person sent to you is there to protect you? Are you listening to that person? It may be the very person you may not like. God may have just sent your enemy! Now wouldn't that be something; your enemy is there to save you? Remember, footstools!

Is God sending you to a place to save others, and in hindsight, it will save you as well?

Will you disobey God and not go because you are afraid or feel like you don't want to save them? After all they are your enemies? Are you feeling like, they deserve what is coming to them for all that they have done?

What will happen to you for making God angry? What will happen to you for disobeying God?

You don't have to be destroyed in forty days for the things you are doing, like the city of Nineveh. However, are you willing to listen to the person God is sending you, even if it's your enemy? You don't have to go through unnecessary storms if you obey God in the first place.

If God is telling you to do His works, even if it's for your enemy, you can't run and hide. Remember Jonah in the storm on the boat hiding? How about him ending up in the belly of the whale? God will find you, and you will feel His wrath.

Now, like Jonah, you are asking for another chance and for God to forgive you.

Jonah eventually gave the message to the people of Nineveh. In the end, God's purpose did come to pass.

Are you like Jonah wishing your enemy still gets destroyed in forty days after delivering the message from God? Then you had forgotten when God was going to destroy you in the storm or the belly of the whale. Like Jonah, you got a second chance.

Oh, how soon we forget! God doesn't want to destroy any of us. He wants to love us, for us to do the right thing, and have everlasting life.


"Sometimes, we must make Bible stories relatable to real-life situations so we may understand that we are stepping on our very own toes in most cases."- Alston Shropshire

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Nov 16, 2021



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