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A Kiss from Rose | Good Vibes

Good vibes only! Good vibes are what everyone should be focused on and illuminating.

Who has the time for anything else?

Good vibes only! I do not have time to hate on anyone else.

Good vibes only! I do not have time for negativity.

Good vibes only! I do not have time to put out anything less in the atmosphere.

Good vibes only! God doesn't send bad vibes.

Good vibes only! It helps you mentally, spiritually, physically, and emotionally.

Good vibes only! Doesn't it feel like an angelic, elevating, prosperous, and favor-filled atmosphere?

Go where the vibes are good and genuine. Go where the energy is positive and enlightening.

**Friendly reminder, we are in the half way through the month of September; let's not forget to select one day you will fast from 8-12 noon. Also, please do not forget to save. This is our financial fast, and faith without work is dead. Amen? Amen!


"Let your light shine!"- Alston Shropshire


Thank you for your cooperation in keeping this a safe space.

Grandma's Corner was created and intended to be free of bias, conflict, criticism, or potentially threatening actions, ideas, or conversations. Any bullying, inappropriate language, swearing, or racial slurs will not be tolerated and will result in an immediate ban from Grandma's Corner and the Alston Shropshire website.


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