A Kiss from Rose | First Day of the Financial Fast

Let's see what we can accomplish this year financially. From now until January 1, 2023, let's see how much we can save!

Let's take accountability and responsibility for our savings and be good stewards of our finance. Are you ready to save? Do you have a goal in mind?

If you can freely give to restaurants and other activities, you can also set something aside for yourself.

Every morning when you read Grandma's Corner, let's send up a little prayer for the subscribers and others worldwide attempting to meet their goals. Let's do it together! Let's hold the next person's hand and cheer them on while praying for an increase.

How much change do you have in the car or your purse? Let's include those in our total. Every little bit helps, right?

Here is an example of some saving techniques:

If you were going to the restaurant and would always get a dessert, let's skip it and add your dessert money to your savings! Some restaurants' desserts cost $12-15 dollars!

Let's do the math!

There are at least four weeks in each month. We are fasting for six months. So, 4x6=24x12 =288.00 or 4x6=24x12 =360.00.

WOW! Look at the saving just from desserts.