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A Kiss from Rose | Flying High

Updated: Nov 21, 2021

Welcome aboard! So grateful you chose to "FLY HIGH" today! You chose the best place in the world to be. What a phenomenal time you will have. "FLY HIGH" is a life-changing place! The atmosphere is hand-crafted with impeccable design. This atmosphere will be a soul-changing event. The couturier created everything specifically for you. You are like custom clothing, your life, soul, walk, DNA, and the smile you have. It's created with you in mind. You can look over to the next person, and even if they are aboard "flying high," the couturier has their measurements and needs down to minor details. It is not the same as yours. Nothing is the same for anyone on this flight.

Your couturier and pilot name are God. He created all of this just for you. Your co-pilot is Jesus; if you have any questions or needs, talk with Him. A little fun fact, they are Father and Son!

So relax, as you "FLY HIGH," you will be on a journey through life. Each of you will experience different things, but no worries, we have God and Jesus on board, and everything will always be alright. It is their purpose and will for the journey. Our final destination is a place for everlasting life; it's called Heaven. Such an angelic place. The streets are paved in gold, and there are already people you know waiting to see you.

Here are some things to remember as you "FLY HIGH:"

If you feel a little turbulence or approaching a storm, remain calm; God and Jesus are with you. It will be over soon. Just think about them and call on their name. You will feel much better. Your atmosphere will change soon enough!

Keep your eyes focused. Look in the direction of your pilot and co-pilot. Do not get distracted by what your neighbor is doing. (your pilot is standing directly behind the co-pilot, they are always in the same direction)

Stay in constant communication with Jesus.

We have many precious gifts, things to assist, and rewards available. Some on the list are:

Favor, grace, mercy, the blood of Jesus, The Holy Ghost, The power of the Lord, faith, covering, speaking in tongues, interpretation of tongues, prophesy, discerning of spirits, wisdom, exhortation, knowledge, discernment, gift of healing, etc. Make sure you give God the glory and thank Jesus when you experience/use them.

Do not worry or fear. You are "FLYING HIGH" with the most qualified.

If you need some reading material, there is an excellent book in front of you called " The Bible," everyone has access to it. Please utilize your reading material; it will help you during turbulence as well.

There will be angels all around you; make sure you are nice to them. They are here to assist you as well. Some are dressed in plain clothes, so you may not recognize who they are. Being nice always will ensure you are not mistreating an angel sent to help you.

Most importantly, if you see any imps, demons, weapons, enemy, or the devil running around you, send them to Jesus so He can destroy them. They keep attempting to hijack the atmosphere after being kicked out. Do not worry; they are harmless and have no power.

Thank you for being aboard of "FLY HIGH;" again, remember to direct all questions and concerns to Jesus. Thank you for flying with us; enjoy your flight.


" Choose to "fly high" on " FLY HIGH." Who is flying High with Me?"- Alston Shropshire

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