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A Kiss from Rose| Fill the Void

Father, in the name of Jesus, I ask that You sweep down on me and fill the voids in my life. Fill the empty and lonely spaces. Allow me to feel Your presence in my life. When the words fall mute by others, allow Your speech to be powerful and precise. Father, fill the void of places that I leave empty. Allow me to see the areas that I neglect. Allow me to see my purpose in life. Father, allow me to live my full greatness. Fill my heart with joy and happiness.

Father, continue to cover me and make me whole. Father, I desire You; I desire to be free and full of life. Amen.


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Redoshi (c. 1848 – 1937) was a Beninese woman taken to the U.S. state of Alabama as a girl in 1860. Until a later surviving claimant, Matilda McCrear, was announced in 2020, she was considered to have been the last surviving victim of the transatlantic slave trade.[1] Taken captive in warfare at age 12 from the Slave Coast of West Africa, she was sold to Americans and transported by ship to the United States, in violation of U.S. law. She was sold again and enslaved on the upcountry plantation of the Washington Smith family in Dallas County, Alabama, where her owner renamed her Sally Smith.[2]

Redoshi survived slavery and the imposition of Jim Crow laws during the post-Reconstruction era of disenfranchisement, and lived into the Great Depression. She lived long enough to become acquainted with people active in the civil rights movement; she is the only known female transatlantic slavery survivor to have been filmed and to have been interviewed for a newspaper.[3]

Redoshi lived in a village in West Africa, in today's Benin. The name "Redoshi" is unknown in West Africa, though 14 names similar to it appear in the African Origins database.[3] Her village was attacked in a raid by Dahomey people, who killed her father (possibly a village leader)[4] and took her captive at about age 12, around 1860. They sold her to the American captain of the illegal slave ship Clotilda. She was forced to marry another captive, a man also from West Africa who was already married and spoke a different language. Her husband was later referred to as "Uncle Billy" or "Yawith".[3]

Redoshi was transported on the Clotilda,[2] the last ship known to bring enslaved African people to North America. Its owners did so illegally, as more than 50 years earlier the U.S. had abolished the importation of slaves.[5] Alabama businessman Timothy Meaher had commissioned the captain and ship for a slave-buying mission to Ouidah, a port city in what is today Benin.[2]




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