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A Kiss from Rose| December 26th

Think of every drop of rain as a blessing that is on the way. Think of every drop as an open door that you will encounter. Think of them as added favor, grace, mercy, anointing, and power. Start giving yourself motivation by looking at things in a positive light. Things are not always there to happen to you but to happen for you. Begin to change your mindset towards greater and better things. Get your eyes to focus on each drop of rain and what blessing it means for you. I have started looking at all things as if there is something bigger on the other side of it. Whether it is rain or sunshine. If everything is going well, I say, God, I thank You for the blessings that I have received so far today. I can't wait to see what other blessings You have for me before the end of the day. Let's begin counting the drops of rain in our lives and see how many blessings we can come up with for each drop. Let's grow our blessing vocabulary. Are you thinking, what is she talking about? Well let me give you some examples:

Your car breaks down / Thank you God for the delay from the harm that was ahead ( protection)

Your bill is past due / God I trust You to work this out ( faith)

Loss of a job / A better job is on the way ( favor)

We are almost in a new year and we must change our way of thinking. We must surround ourselves with people who are focused on a blessing vocabulary and not a negative one, especially when the rain starts to fall.

I can do all things with Christ who strengthens me type of people. My God provides all of my needs, yes I can afford to go with you type of people. Yes, I can support you, type of people. Yes, my family does come first (after God of course) so I will respect that when it comes to your type of people. Yes, let's make this happen type of people. God lead me to you, type of people. I want to see you win even when it is pouring down raining on me type of people. Two-way street type of people! These are the type of people that are looking at the rain but focused on the blessing and it comes out in their vocabulary.

So when the rain comes, are you going to change your vocabulary. Are you going to focus on each drop in a positive light? Remember, there is power in your words.


How many positive words did you come up with for your rain drops by looking at this picture?


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