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A Kiss from Rose| December 25th

We all go all out for our birthdays, renting the best hotels, having lavish parties, receiving top-notch gifts, and making it all about us. We celebrate all month long sometimes. Well, today is not your birthday, it is Jesus' birthday, can we celebrate Him as we celebrate ourselves? Let's make this about Him! Can you remember the last time you gave Him all of you, your undivided attention for Him, and left you and your needs out of it? When have you dedicated the full day, that's 24 hours just to Him? Remember on your birthday you had a full week in Vegas?! Let us focus on Him, meditate on Him and what His birth meant for us.

While everyone is opening their gifts, eating, and laughing with family and loved ones. Let us also remember, there is someone without a gift to open, without food to eat, and without our family to surround them. Let's say a prayer for them. Let's remember what this holiday is all about. The birth of Christ! He is a gift for everyone. He is the true meaning behind today. So let's not forget to share the story of His birth.


A message to the parents without gifts to give their children. Your presence is a gift. For children without parents, your memories of them are a gift. For those without anyone around, God is still with you!

Father God, I dedicate my life to you on Your day! I praise Your Holy Name. I surrender to Your will! In Jesus's name, Amen.

The Birth of Jesus

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