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A Kiss from Rose| December 20th

Are you counting your blessings? Are you sitting in bliss over the wonderful things you are receiving in your life? As the time pass, and you continue to be happy and joyful about the place or space that you are in, don't you forget to still be thankful for the valley? Are you still communicating with God? Are you still saying your prayers? Are you still reading your bible, in the same manner as you did when you were down and out? Is it that you are too blessed to do the things that got you to the good place or space that you are in? As you are bragging about your blessings and counting them, don't forget to continue to do the things that you did to get there. Praying, reading the bible, and meditating on God. Remembering the valley will keep you humble! Continuing to thank God and staying in His word will keep you covered! So don't forget about God and don't toot your horn. Give God the glory every step of the way. Be thankful for everyone God put in your path to get you to your blessings. Pray for them too. Pray that they are blessed for being obedient to the word of God to help you!

There would be no blessing if it was not for God!

There would not be a business if God didn't instill the vision and send the customers to support it!

There would not be favor if God didn't grant it!

There would not be a testimony if God did not put you through the test!

God is in the midst of it ALL!




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