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A Kiss from Rose| December 18th

What is blooming inside of you? Do you have a feeling that something great and wonderful is about to happen? Do you feel like everything is lining up? Will this thing grow into something more beautiful than you can ever imagine? Speak it into existence! Cultivate it! Water it! Give it sunshine! A little air! Talk to the thing that is blooming within you. Every day and every night. Feel the vibrations of its growth. If you are waiting on that new job, claim it and watch your path become clear. If you are waiting for that new house, watch how you jump over the obstacles, to claim your prize. If you are waiting on your bundle of joy, talk to your belly and say, hey, mom and dad are waiting on you. If you are changing from a negative or toxic environment and walking into that new space of peace, enjoy the aromatherapy of it all. It is a blooming season! Your finances are blooming! Your business is blooming! Your family is blooming! Your marriage is blooming! Your inner peace is blooming. Your mentality is blooming! Your circle is blooming! Your prayer life is blooming! Your children are blooming! Your relationships are blooming! Your home is blooming! Your platform is blooming! Your connections are blooming! Your character is blooming! You better bloom! Get excited about your blooming season! How can you not anticipate the bloom with total excitement? How are you so excited about everyone's season of bloom and not your own? The prayers and the many tears you have cried, now it is happening. You can feel it! Your body is reacting to something that has not come yet, with joy. You need to line up with that.


Father, thank you for being the head of my life. Thank you for being my all and all. Thank you Father for never ceasing to amaze me with Your wondrous works. Thank You for performing countless miracles in my life. Thank you for the breakthroughs, favor, grace, and mercies. Thank you Father for bringing me into my blooming season. Thank you for standing in this season with me. Father, let the blooming begin. In Jesus' name, Amen.




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