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A Kiss from Rose | Breakthrough and Fast/ All the Days of My Life Prayer

Father God, thank You for making me whole.

Thank You for Your Son, Jesus Christ, and the breath of life today.

Father, thank You for breaking the chaos and rhetoric in my life and granting me calming water and a peaceful atmosphere.

Thank You for the constant reassurance You are with me and that my decisions and choices are sound, accurate, and approved by You.

Father, because of You, I navigate life purposefully, favorably, discernibly, and with all clarity.

Under Your authority and with Your birthright, no enemy, entity, or principality even thinks about attacking me, plots against me, or has my name or that of my bloodline on their list.

You are my hedge of protection, and Your blood thoroughly covers my bloodline and myself.

An abundance of prosperity, fruitful harvest, favor, and lifelong anointing covers and flows through me all the days of my life and that of my bloodline, and I thank and praise You for it

In Jesus’, amen.


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