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A Kiss from Rose| August 11th

Leaking, dilapidated buildings, can still sit on a solid foundation. Even in the shadows, deep in the corners, you can still see light coming through. No matter how ruff it appears, if the walls are coming down or it may look like the roof is going to cave in, it can still sit on a good foundation. You can start the repairs. Start on the roof (the mind) where are the leaks are, so that no more damage can come in. Then the rest will fall in place.

You see, you have to focus on how strong your foundation is with God, to get everything else in order. Pour the word of God into your mind to strengthen you and fill up those holes, and to stop the leaks. Stand firm on the word in those dark places and look at the light shining through. God is showing you He is the light in the darkness. Turn the negatives into a positive and build yourself back up. God shines on leaky and dilapidated buildings just the same as the newly built houses on the hill. Stop looking on the outside look on the inside and the foundation in which you stand. The Rock. The Word. God.


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