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A Kiss from Rose an Extra Dose

Broken pieces can still hold beautiful things. It can still carry weight. It can still lift other things. No matter how strong the broken object is, it is rarely appreciated for its accomplishments of carrying the weight of something else. Holding something or being strong. In most cases, it is just tossed to the side or discarded. Used and abused or taken for granted it begins to devalue its self. Taking on the feelings around it. If you are broken you must see the beauty in all of your pieces, even if there are a million to look at. You can even be put back together, piece by piece. You must also see that even in your brokenness you are still needed by others. You are still useful. Don't focus on the negative, look at the positive.

Sometimes, someone may come along and help put the pieces back together or show you the value and uniqueness in your brokenness and accept you for who you are.

God can use:

The abandonment in your life to testify to someone who feels unwanted because they too were abandoned.

The former drug/ alcohol user to testify to someone that they can survive without drugs and they can get off of it.

The former alcoholic parent to be there for the grandchildren and start fresh over with the children.

The abuser to testify to others that they are not what they lived in the past and they don't have to repeat the behaviors of what was done to them.

The new parent to show their child they will not be like their absent, addicted, or abusive parents.

The rape victim to testify to others that they do not have to remain a victim; that they too can take their power back.

The disabled person to show others how to have compassion, love, and that they are overcomers of many things.

The person with the brick wall up to keep others out, that they too are worthy of love and not everyone is there to hurt them.



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