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A Kiss from Rose | A Nephew's Prayer

As I was preparing to travel to the most lucrative and monumental event of my life, I received a series of text messages from my nephew, including the one below—a prayer. It brought me to tears! You never know your influence on people or who is praying for you behind closed doors.

"Seriously, I'm going to pray for you tonight that you have traveling mercies on the plane.

I pray that the moment you step foot off the plane, the anointing and favor of God fall on you. I pray that you perform to the best of your abilities and represent not just yourself but your family, upbringing, and those who came before you.

I pray that you show yourself in the greatest light, get many more opportunities like this to come, and sell your product in the most amazing light. I pray that you have ya breakthrough because not only have you been slept on, but people gave up on you.

It's been a mighty long way through hell and back, so it's ya time; time for things to turn around. God is going to turn it in ya favor because you should have probably been dead and gone, but it's the favor and grace that you are here, and you have hell shaking right now because God kept you.

You're about to show the world what you bring to the table, sharing your testimony and stories through your book and voice.



I pray that God covers and shields him from harm or danger. I pray the blood of the lamb is never removed over his life. I pray that God penetrates his mind and orders his steps and thoughts. Everything that my nephew touches may it be favored, elevated, and ordained by God. I pray that God does not withhold any good and favored thing. In Jesus' name. Amen.

- Alston Shropshire (affectionately know as Aunt Kei)



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