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A Kiss from Rose| You Can't Touch Me

That's right! You can't touch me! There I said it. Period poohs, as the young folk would say. Listen, people love to put their "mouth" on others in the judgment of your behaviors, actions, or the words you speak. People love to disassociate, disconnect, uninvite, devalue, and disapprove of others. I am going first to make this personal for a better explanation. Sometimes, you have to use yourself as an example. Listen, you can't judge anything about me that God has forgiven. It does not affect me. You can't touch me. I am covered! He no longer sees the sin, so how can you? Your "mouth" can't speak judgment over my behaviors, actions, or the words I say; God is the only judge. Did He ask you to fill His position? The "word" says, judge not. You can't touch me! I am covered.

When you point out my sins and forget about your own, remember the word says, "there is no sin greater than the next." He died for all of our sins. You can't touch me! I am covered; when you tend to look at me with shame, disgust, hate, or despising eyes. Know that God looks at me with love. My presence is where the love is. I am with Him. You can't touch me! When you think I am not in the right circle, position, or have the correct status for your liking; check to see who ordered my step, formed the circle, elevated my position, and gave me the status of the King's daughter. You can't touch me! So keep your judging minds, envious words, and hating heart away from me. Why do you say? The word of God says in 1 Chronicles 16:22, "Touch not mine anointed, and do my prophets no harm. That's why. So if you can't listen to the words I say, I am sure you are fearful of God enough to listen to Him.

When you think you have something to say about:


The pastor

The first lady

Your neighbor

Your boss

Your aunt

Your uncle

Your children

Your mother

Your father

The church members

Your family members

Your best friend

Your enemy

Mind your business and touch not His anointed!


"You can't touch me, cause God said so!"- Alston Shropshire

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Unknown member
Sep 07, 2021

Well let the true church say, Amen!

Unknown member
Sep 07, 2021
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