A Kiss from Rose | Work In Progress

A work in progress is just that. A work in progress! We all are a work in progress. We all are working on one thing or another. Some people are working on their marriage. Some are working on their relationship with their children or parents. Some people are simply working on themselves. They may or may not get where they want to be in one day. Heck, in some cases, it may take a lifetime. But one day, we all will get there with the help of the Lord. God is the only one that can help us get to where we need to be. But it will always be in His time. We all must keep working at it, whatever you "it" is.

Applaud the people that are trying to do the very best they can.

So when you see someone trying, do not criticize or look at them with judging eyes. Tell them to keep trying. Tell them not to give up.

Haven't you been a work in progress before, or have you forgotten? Maybe you still are.


"I am "a work in progress", and I am thankful God is working on me."- Alston Shropshire