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A Kiss from Rose | Who Are Your Words Inviting into the Atmosphere

No one wants to think they are giving the devil into the atmosphere. I am sure someone thinks he shows up regardless of an invitation. Well, let me pose this question. How many times have you brought his name into a conversation? How many times have his name rolled off of your tongue? Are you calling the devil's name more than God? Have you ever said any of these things?

The devil is busy

The devil is on a roll today

The devil keeps on trying me

The devil just showed up

The devil is trying to take over

I won't let the devil win

The devil can't have my child or my family

The devil keeps on attacking me

The devil won't allow me to have any peace, joy, happiness, or love

This is the work of the devil

You know how people say, "keep my name out of your mouth?", well, keep the devil's name out of your mouth.

I am not inviting the devil into my atmosphere. I am using my tongue to invite God into my atmosphere. Who has time to waste their words on the devil? These are my invitation words, even in a storm.

God is busy working in my favor

God is on a roll today

God keeps on using and elevating me

God just showed up

God is taking over

God will give me the victory

God can have my child and my family

God keeps on blessing me

God allows me to have any peace, joy, happiness, and love

This is the work of the God

God will let this be for my good

Who are your words inviting into your atmosphere? Keep God's name in your mouth.


I keep the devil's name out of my mouth and keep God's name in it." -Alston Shropshire

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