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A Kiss from Rose| When God Lights Your Torch

When God lights your torch, who can dim it? Who can put it out? Who would dare to go against God? No one can deny me anything that He has for me. No one can take away anything He has given to me. My light will not burn out. He is the light on my torch, leading me along the way. He is bright in the darkest places. He is out-shining the most shining star. I know my worth, and I see the power in the torch that I am holding. You can not bury me. I am a seed, and the light will allow me to sprout. The light is also living water, and it will sustain me. The dirt you threw on me, the light has also fertilized it. It will feed me. I will grow, and I will bear good fruit.

You can hear the passion in my voice

You can feel the anointing in my touch

You can see the light shining through me

When God lit my torch, I know it will shine forever.


"God has me holding a torch He lit. It shines on my finances, my children, my family, my career, my heart, and my soul. Touch not, His anointed." - Alston Shropshire



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