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A Kiss from Rose| Stay Where You Are

Stay where you are. God is preparing you for something that is waiting ahead. It may seem like you are at a halted position; that is God protecting you. There is still a blessing where you stand. It may seem like you are not making enough money on your job. It's because God is removing the bad apples from the job that is waiting ahead. He wants you to work in a peaceful environment. Remember, God is your provider. It may seem like your marriage is in turmoil. He wants to bring you closer by communicating. The storm is making your bond stronger. Do not forget, God honors marriage; it will all work out. It may seem like your friends and family have left you, don't worry, everything will come full circle. Sometimes appreciation comes from absence. God is in the midst of it all.

If you stay where you are while praying your way through, in God's timing, He will hit the go button. When the coast is clear, all of the favored doors have been aligned and opened; it will be your time to move. When all of the people who are meant to help you along the way have finally arrived themselves and are waiting on your arrival, you will make your grand entrance.

The things that can be happening while you are standing there:

You avoid accidents

You avoid storms not meant for you

You avoid heartache

You gain strength

You gain wisdom

You gain endurance

You strengthen your faith

You gain patience

You are stress-free

You avoid being furloughed

You avoid the company going out of business right after you get there ( now you are back out of a job)

You can spend more time with your family

You can save money

You can work on your marriage/relationship

You can see things more clearly

You are building better bonds and relationships

You are learning more

You are communicating with God more

You are learning from other people's mistake

You can forgive

You are able to manage with what you have

You are being molded for your new destination

You are learning to trust God

So, continue to stand in the place God has you. Trust and believe He has more in store for you where you are going. Thank Him for His protection for the things you can not see.

There is a blessing in the place you are standing and the place where you are going.


Where I stand, the ground is fertile. Where I am going, I will reap my harvest." - Alston Shropshire


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