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A Kiss from Rose| Standing Together as One: The Blessing

Today we continue to stand together as one and on one accord. Again, I appreciate every one of you that has joined in this corporate prayer and fasting. Like I said, not only are we praying and petitioning for ourselves, but others as well. Today, we will discuss the blessings that are on the way or those we desire. Again, I know some are new to fasting and praying, and congratulations on sticking with it. I know God is still pleased, as I am also. To the veterans, continue to encourage the others. Check out the list of things you may want to be added following the prayer if you forget something.

Father, thank You for waking me up with a sound mind. Thank You for guiding me to be obedient and participating in this corporate prayer and fasting. Thank You for destroying things in my life, such as generational curses, soul-ties, and the list of other things in my petition yesterday. I am confident this desire is God-given and will be God-fulfilled. My motive is in the right place. Father, You know my spiritual objectives as I continue to press towards the goal. My desire for personal blessings is balanced by genuine concern for others. I remain standing in the gap for them as they stand in the gap for me. Father, continue to honor the petitions of the others and myself that are participating in this fast as we touch and stand in agreement. Father, allow us to realize and be prepared to receive accordingly the manifestations you have for us. Father, cover the person that joined us together to sing your praises and have us communicate with you. Father, again we ask that you cover those that are disabled, those with cancer, homeless, those that have drug, alcohol, or sex addiction, those in the hospital (sick and shut-in), and those with mental illness. Father, I am focused on you. Father, I am petitioning for the blessing and favor of this list of things as well, with no harm coming to anyone to receive it:

To walk in love

To have a sound mind



Emotionally stable

Forgiveness to others and myself

Effective communication

To Respect others and myself


Favored relationships and friendships

A God and God filled marriage

Financial Soundness

The ability to listen to others effectively and myself

Being a cheerful giver



Positive attitude

An abundance of favor

An abundance of grace

An abundance of mercy


An abundance of Your divine protection

The Holy Spirit


Your sponsorship


Your covering



Generational wealth

Your whole armor

The ability to stand up for others and myself


Financial freedom

Commitment to the right things

Free of addictions

Full of compassion



In Jesus' name, I pray, Amen.

( Please feel free to add on more things)


"Remember, He knows your name." -Alston Shropshire

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