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A Kiss from Rose | Sobriety

You never know what people are going through or what they are celebrating. I met a wonderful person long ago and felt a genuine spirit from them. They were so kind, positive, polite, and attentive. I was made aware that they were celebrating their sobriety. It reminded me that not everyone's story is the same. Some people are celebrating a birthday or graduation.

Then you have others that are celebrating their sobriety. Some may not think of sobriety often, but it is also a huge milestone. Some people celebrating their sobriety may have family and friends supporting them, others may have a support group, and others may have no one. You may hear people going through their sobriety process saying one day at a time and others saying one second at a time. It takes a lot of dedication or commitment, prayers, support, and patience. Each day they are thankful for the completion of that day. Sometimes some people fall and get back up. Others fall and stay down. Then some never fall.

Nevertheless, they all need people praying for their success. Let's pray for those starting, in the middle of their sobriety, or thinking about beginning to take the first step to one.

Father, I thank You for answering me today. Thank you for honoring the petition I am about to lay at Your feet as a prayer warrior for others. Father, thank You for holding the hands of those with sobriety on their mind. Thank You for comforting them. Thank You for being the voice to say keep going; you can do this. Thank You for making every second of their day easier. Continue to surround them with love and support during this time. Make this walk easy for them. Wherever they turn, may they see Your face. Father, continue to remove the taste of things not of You from their mouth. Penetrate their mind, especially on days they are confused. Let them know and allow them to believe You are walking with them every step of the way, celebrating every second or picking them up when they fall, and sitting beside them when they feel they can not get up. In Jesus's name, Amen.


"No one should ever feel alone. Someone should always be praying for them, and they should know it." -Alston Shropshire



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