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A Kiss from Rose | Positive Thinking

Trying to be positive when grieving or experiencing other distress can seem out of the question. Taking the pressure off yourself is essential to finding the silver lining. Instead, tune into that energy by getting support from others.

Positive attitudes aren't about burying every negative thought or emotion you have or dodging complicated feelings. The lowest points in our lives often motivate us to move forward and make positive adjustments.

When going through these times, try to see yourself as a good friend needing comfort, support, and sound counsel. What would you say to her? You'd likely recognize her feelings and remind her she has the right to be sad or upset in her situation, and then offer support or encouragement with a gentle reminder that things will get better.

Father, thank You for being Almighty. Thank You that nothing is impossible for You. Father, thank You for being my burden and grief barer. Father, You are my mind regulator and my lily in the valley. Because of You, I have positive thinking. My emotions are sound. Father, thank You for being my comforter and surrounding me with supportive and encouraging people. In Jesus' name, amen.


"One hand washes the other. Do you remember that motto?" -Alston Shropshire



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