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A Kiss from Rose|October 31st

Some people think that the true meaning of family means a group of people related by blood or bloodline. Others may think, it has nothing to do with genes and everything to do with love, compassion, and support. As we are all human beings we all at least have that common factor. So, when you blend in with other families, you may not have the same bloodline, but the common thing is being human, wanting to belong, wanting a family's love, and wanting to cultivate your own family like bond. Being in a family where the common interest is love and support as it's the foundation is growing more and more. Many people are having adoptive families due to their own having such a toxic foundation. They are choosing to go where the love is. No, you can not change the fact that your blood is connected to your family; who are having issues that are out of your control, however, you are choosing to be surrounded by peace. Does this mean you do not love them? No. Does this mean that you can not go around them to check on them? No. It is simply saying that I am choosing to stay the majority of the time around a peaceful and non-toxic environment. At some point, everyone is prayerful that their family gets the help they need but understand only God can heal the family. Everyone has to take account of themselves, and not everyone is willing to do this, which stunts the healing process. Some family members have followed patterns or behaviors of grandparents and parents of showing favoritism or dislike for another member of the family without merit. Jumping on the bandwagon as I call it. Yet when placed in the very same position, they are dumbfounded on how such a thing can occur. Something as simple as this can spread like cancer and cause generations of division and discord. With no one getting to the root of things and getting an understanding of the need to take out this infection; now we have generational curses, secrets, and abuse. Rather than dealing with the poison, people are taking themselves out of the original family equation, so this cancer doesn't infect their future bloodlines. Is this a good idea? For peace possibly, but for long term healing, I think not. To have complete and total healing, I think you must have a solution and an answer to those hard to deal with questions, even if the answer is something you don't like, do not agree with, or if you get a response saying "I do not have an answer". If anyone chooses to move forward in these adoptive families and made up in their mind, I will not go back to my family, just please do not continue the behaviors of the past. Well, all get some of our behaviors from somewhere, and the bloodline is usually the source.

One point I would like to make is that every family has issues. Even the one you are choosing to be a part of.



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