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A Kiss from Rose|October 15th

Mentally, physically, and emotionally drained? Sometimes life just gives us a good ole run-around. Whether you are running around for your children, spouse, family members, job, or even for yourself you can get burned out quickly. When you are constantly moving, you may not realize how exhausted you are. More importantly in life, you can experience spiritual exhaustion as well. You can do this due to providing service to everyone. You must ensure you replenish your service supply. Are you constantly on the throne of grace for others, praying and fasting for whatever troubles they may have, or for a breakthrough that they need? Both of these forms of exhaustion can put an unusual amount of fatigue on the body, mind, and spirit. When you are mentally, physically, and emotionally drained, you may need to rest your body; just lay down and take a good ole nap! We all need this from time to take to jump-start our draining battery. Sometimes our bodies will just have you take a quick nod when you are deciding to push it to the max. Your body will shut you down! Were you ever just sitting there, watching tv, trying to complete your 12th project on fumes? Within 2 minutes you are out cold? Four hours later, you don't know how you fell asleep, but feel refreshed? Many of us have. However, when you are spiritually drained, you need to inhale God on a personal level. Just you and Him. Just like grabbing your asthma pump. You need to take a deep breath and fill your soul with Him. To get you a spiritual experience. A spiritual rejuvenation. God is your spiritual inhaler to revive your soul and spirit. Take time out to take a nap and the time to inhale God. Everyone will still be waiting once we revive ourselves.

Jesus took time off ...

After a period of victory- (Luke 6:12-13)

After ministry- (Mark 6:30-32)

When He’d had enough of people- (Mark 7:24)


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