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A Kiss from Rose|October 12th

All of the moving parts of a clock allows the clock to give the correct time. These moving parts allow you to be where you need to be at the right time. The hands on the clock or the digital numbers can not be accurate if anything is not functioning within the main source. How many times has your battery died on your watch or clock? How many times have you been late due to your clock not working properly? Isn't it good to know that no matter what God is always on time? He doesn't need a battery, or to be plugged into a socket. He is the power source! We may think," I need this right now, why is it taking so long?", but God is always on time. He will bring it to pass just in the nick of time! Just when you are about to give up, God steps in! When all hope is gone, God comes through to save the day. Is your marriage is falling apart? Here comes God with a much-needed vacation for the both of you, to draw you closer. Giving up on looking for a job or a better one? Here comes God with an inside connect for you to walk seamlessly in the door of a great opportunity. Been looking for a car or house, and the numbers and paperwork aren't lining up? Here comes God, serving it on a silver platter. Never doubt God's timing. He will surely bring all of His favored promised to pass. Never think God forgot about you, how could God forget about His child? He is the ultimate parent. He will never leave you or forsake you. Are people talking about you? God will turn that situation around as well. Are you feeling down? God will pick you up!

The clock is accurate most of the time. They can break down as well, but God is always on time and always accurate in His purpose. He will never fail!

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