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A Kiss from Rose|October 11th

When cooking a meal of any sort most people are happy about the food they are preparing or even happy to be preparing something for someone else. When you are preparing something good, you take your time with it and make sure to add all of the love that you can. You make sure all of the ingredients are there beforehand. You might turn on some music to set a positive atmosphere., or have a few people in the kitchen to laugh or have conversations with. Once the meal is prepared and everyone is eating, there are such joy and happiness in the air. Just smiles, conversations, and laughter. Great memories to tell later on in the years.

Well, I wonder what God is in the kitchen cooking. I wonder what blessings, favor, and fruitful harvest He has in store? Is He saying " she/he is going to love this meal I am preparing for them today?" Has He added a few extra dashes of love, mercy, favor, and fruitfulness? I wonder how long will the meal take before I can enjoy it? Am I the only one who wonders this type of stuff? God is the master chef in the kitchen, no one can cook the meals in life that He has in store for us. He has seasoned the blessings perfectly. It just took just the right amount of time for it to cook. He made sure the portion He has for me comes directly to me. He never mixes up the order, it is never under or overcooked. He brings joy and happiness to my soul. He has heard my prayers (order) and is in the kitchen preparing it to perfection.

The best cook in the world is in the kitchen preparing something good, just wait patiently and your order ( answered prayer) will be out soon.

God is in the kitchen... relax and enjoy the atmosphere.


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Unknown member
Oct 11, 2020

A Delicious meal.


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