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A Kiss from Rose | November 3rd

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

I can see clearly in my mind, my grandmother standing on the corner asking people to make sure they vote as they walked their children to school. It was right on the corner of our street. As I was still in the house getting dressed, and running out of the door frantically so that I would not be late for school. She was working the polls. She worked the polls consistently for years until she was unable to. I have several family members that work the polls as well including my aunt, which is her daughter. We would have many conversations, even at my young age about the importance of your voice being heard. I remember her saying " at one point not only couldn't we vote, but not read or write; we wanted our voices to be heard." She would then go to say," you cast your cares onto God, so that your prayers are heard, so cast your ballots, so that they can hear the things that you want for your community." "How else would they know?" " You have the power." At that very moment, I knew my words were powerful and that I wanted to be heard. Now fortunately or unfortunately this is the reason that I talk so much and are in constant communication with my congressional office. So let's get up and vote today, to ensure that our voices are heard. That the voices of our ancestors are heard. Many of them fought and died for the right to have their/our voices heard. Let's not let those acts go in vain. God is about togetherness, love, peace, decency, order, and doing the right thing. Let's do the right thing and vote.


My aunt, uncle and Grandma Rose( poll workers/voters)

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Unknown member
03. Nov. 2020

When you train up a child in the right way, they will not depart from it. Thank God for parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles,etc. People who pushed to make a change in the world and their children's lives.

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