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A Kiss from Rose| Never Satisfied

All you ever hear is a complaint, complaint, complaint, complaint, and complaint. Did a person pop into your head? I am not talking about those that have a good vent session. I am speaking of those that no matter what you do, their way is better. No one is ever right but them. Their food is not right at the restaurant, so they constantly send it back. Their bills are always inaccurate. Nothing in life is fair to them. Nothing positive ever flows from their mouth. When your phone rings and you see their name, and you say, "not today, I can not take that call." The emotionally draining person. It seems as though they are never satisfied. It appears that not even God pleases them. They may say things like, "God never blesses me," or "why He only see you and not me." "Why did God put me in this family or surround me with these friends?" Well, here is what you can do for them, pray. Pray that they can recognize and feel the blessings in their life. Pray that the words that come out of their mouth are compliments and not complaints. Telling someone else they are a killjoy is not helping. Avoiding their calls is not going to make it go away. Prayer is the answer for everything. Wouldn't it be nice to have all of the people around you praying for you, speaking all of God's favored promises over your life? Instead of talking about a person, pray for them. I know the flaws that I have, and I hope someone is standing in the gap for me. I hope that any negative attributes that I have and those hindering me, someone is praying for that to be released from me. Let's Pray!

Father, we come today to stand in the gap for those people in our lives that are never satisfied. We are standing in the gap for those who seem always to have a complaint. But, first, Father, forgive us for avoiding and talking about them. Then, father, allow them to be satisfied and the words of compliments to flow out of their mouth. Allow them to recognize and feel the blessing that You have given to them. In Jesus's name, Amen.


"You can't be dissatisfied all of the time. Find you some satisfaction in your life, honey."- Alston Shropshire

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