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A Kiss from Rose | Messy Members

Messy members! Have you ever heard of that phrase? In today's message, we want to be aware of messy members taking our focus or distracting us. Who are messy members? Messy members can be family members, church members, members of people who you associate with, or members of your friends' circle. It can also be members of people related to your job. Are you a messy member?

Be mindful of messy members distracting you from being positive, productive, and moving forward. Sometimes, the goal of the messy members is to get you upset, have you feeling bad about something or a situation, and take you off course.

God wants us all to meet our goals and fulfill His purpose. Being distracted can not help. Feeling down does not help. God wants us to engage in purposeful conversations. He wants us to participate in things that will allow us to grow. God wants us to plant seeds that will bear fruit. God also does not want us to be sad or down. God is not a God of confusion and chaos.

Let's be mindful of surrounding ourselves with faith-filled, seed-sowing, and positive-minded members; instead of messy members.

**Friendly reminder, we are in the month of September; let's not forget to select one day you will fast from 8-12 noon. Also, please do not forget to save. This is our financial fast, and faith without work is dead. Amen? Amen!


" Sometimes we all can be a messy member." - Alston Shropshire



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