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A Kiss from Rose| May 4th

Of course, our parents are our first teachers. You have your school teachers, and one may have stood out over them all. However, they all showed great pride in teaching their future generations all of their knowledge so that the new generation could be significant. All of our jobs in life, are to teach the people around us and those that come behind us the right thing and the right way to go.

Nevertheless, there is one more teacher, the "ultimate teacher," the man upstairs!

As we honor teachers for teacher appreciation day, do you remember your teachers in school?

What has the "ultimate teacher taught you?"

I'll start first,

"The Ultimate Teacher" has taught me to:

Be patient

Walk in love

Consult Him first

He will deal with my enemies

He will deal with me

Time heals all wounds

He is always with me

If I play with fire, I will get burned ( let's keep it real He will teach you that, that's why now I do the right thing)

He gives second, third, fourth, and a million chances

I'll stop there. Let's see what you come up with.


"Today I honor my mother, my first teacher. I also honor her as a teacher to many in the Charleston South Carolina School Districts and the Philadelphia School Districts. Over 40 years of service to generations that will have a great impact in this world. I love you mom." - Alston Shropshire

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