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A Kiss from Rose| March 31st

Today's affirmations:

I am blessed

I am motivated

I am inspired

I am covered

I am powerful

I am winning

I am favored

I am happy

I am kind

I am compassionate

I am successful

I am loved

I am wanted

I am free

I am understanding

I am fair

I am energized

I am healthy

I am mindful

I am dedicated

I am financially stable

I am prayerful

I am a child of God

I am all in...

As we all wake up thankful, let's all speak these things over our lives and the lives of the people we encounter today.


Celebrating Women/ Facts

Your Mother

Your mother has weathered storms you can't fathom. She has the strength that you have not experienced. She has acquired wisdom through heartache, pain, joy, and happiness. You weren't able to survive without her. The nine months she carried you, she gave you everything she had within her. You can celebrate every woman in this world, but if you forget to celebrate your mother, you have missed the mark. The nine months alone are worthy of being celebrated. There is no book on being a perfect mother because the only perfect person is God. Celebrate the woman that God created to carry you. She was worthy enough for God to give her the most incredible job in the world. She was carrying precious cargo, You!

"I love and adore my mother. I wouldn't be that woman I am today without her. My mother is a class act, intelligent, compassionate, understanding and caring. Those are the gifts she passed down to me. She could never be replaced." -Alston Shropshire

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