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A Kiss from Rose |Love and Hate

In this world, there is love, and there is hate. Good and evil. Which are you focused on and moving forward in your daily operations and interactions? Today and moving forward, let's choose, love and good.

In doing good things and deeds, you are pleasing God. Loving others, you are obeying God. Both are what He wants us to do. When you are operating and interacting in these things, you have the powerful force of God with you. God can relax when He knows you will always do the right thing.

Are you trying to overwork God by doing the wrong things and walking in hate? When you operate under these actions, you are displeasing God. You are having Him gather more angels to watch over you and protect you and others that may come across your path.

Let's bring God into a loving environment at all times. Let's ensure God is continuously pleased with us and our actions.

We want God to welcome us with an open arm and smile. Could you imagine you have been walking in hate and evil things, and God says, " Oh my, here they come, is there any more unmerited favor left?" Can you imagine God preparing for you to feel His wrath because you will not be good or walk in love?

I know I want to be on the side with open arms and a smile. How about you?


" Always choose love, never hate. Good never evil."- Alston Shropshire



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