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A Kiss from Rose | Innocent Bystander Prayer

We should only say our hands are spotless of anything. We all miss the mark with something daily. However, there are times when we are innocent bystanders that become a casualty at war. We could be minding our business and something unfortunate happens. How many times have we read the stories or watched scenarios play out? Well, today, let's pray for the innocent bystanders. Who are the innocent bystanders? Those who have good intentions. Those who are minding their business. Those who are there for the right reasons. Those whose identity has been mistaken. Those wrongfully implicated.

Some may know that I was married at the age of 21. My husband at the time was murdered. He was called to break up an altercation with a family member and a neighbor and lost his life. Unable to fulfill his marriage commitment or the duties of being a father, son, brother, uncle, cousin, or friend. He was someone with good intentions.

Someone out in the world needs a protection prayer—a prayer for the innocent bystander or person with good intentions.

Let's be that prayer warrior today for them.

Father, in the name of Jesus, we thank You for being omnipresent. We ask that You send your angels of protection to the innocent bystanders, those with good intentions, those that are minding their business, those who may be in the cross-path of mistaken identity, those wrongfully implicated, and people who are there for the right reason but in the wrong place. Keep them safe. Allow no harm to come to them. Allow them to go home to their families. Allow good deeds and good intentions from their hearts to surpass what's happening around them. Amen.

**Friendly reminder, we are in the month of November; let's not forget to select one day you will fast from 8-12 noon. Also, please do not forget to save. This is our financial fast, and faith without work is dead. Amen? Amen!


"No weapon formed against me shall prosper." - Alston Shropshire


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