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A Kiss from Rose | He Is Working On You

Everyone has an opinion of you, and they are not all great. No matter your past, present, or future, God is working on you. You may or may not have done everything correct, yet He is still by your side. You may have been rebellious most of the way; nevertheless, He continues to hold your hand. Sin, missing the mark, forgiveness, and repentance is something we all have on our hands, in one form or another; but God's grace and mercy are ever-present. Do you remember Saul (Paul) in the bible? I am sure God was working on him from the very beginning. Saul (Paul) gave the disciples plenty of pushback. He created war and had people sentenced to death. Saul (Paul) was "bucking" the system, as the young people would say. He was not doing what was right in God's eye. It wasn't until he got to Damascus that he saw the light. You see, God was working on Saul (Paul) the whole time. God had a plan and a purpose. God already chose Saul (Paul) to be the vessel (Act 9:15). You see, no matter what others think of you, no matter what you are doing, God already has a plan and purpose for your life and is working on you.

Thank You, Father, for never leaving my side. Thank You for continuing to hold my hand. Thank You for having a favorable purpose and plan for my life. The road that I am traveling thanks for walking it with me. Father, I fear nothing as I walk with You. Father, I thank You for choosing me. In Jesus' name, Amen.


"No parent should tell their child to do what is not of God. God will never tell His child to do anything displeasing in His sight."- Alston Shropshire


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