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A Kiss from Rose | Good Morning Jesus

I have great subscribers! We all are surrounded by true prayer warriors and those wanting a more profound relationship with Jesus.

There is a well-rounded group of people here, and I thank God for each of you. I received this song from C. Maddox, a subscriber, someone who God put me at the forefront of their mind. What a blessing!

The title of the song is Good Morning Jesus, by Patreka Wortham. Now, who doesn't need to say good morning to Jesus?

We all do! This song is so soothing and cheerful.

If you do not have the words to say, if you are new to your walk with Christ, or if you are looking for some new words to say, try this song.

Sharing positive songs, prayers, the Word of Life, and words of encouragement is also what kingdom building is.

As we all are on one accord, let's say good morning to Jesus together, giving Him praise.

But first, let's say a little prayer.

Father, thank You for waking each of us up this morning.

Thank You for allowing us to understand the importance of having a relationship with You, standing in agreement with one another, and spreading Your Word. Father, pour out a special blessing over C. Maddox, for being obedient in sharing this song with others who love You and for giving us a tool to

communicate with You.

Father, cover every person who is reading today's message as we all are standing in one need or another. In Jesus' name, amen.

*I do not own the rights to this music.


"Life is with living." -Alston Shropshire



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