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A Kiss from Rose | Money

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

As we are well into our financial fast, we are all praying for an increase in our finances. Money is something we all need. We need money to finance higher education or businesses. Whether to pay the bills or take care of our children or family, we need money to do it.

As we touch and agree with our savings and take heed to God as He leads us into financial favor, below is a prayer to start our day regarding our finances or money.

Father, in the name of Jesus, I thank You for breathing life into my body once again. Thank You for shielding me and providing me with the whole armor of God. Father, today I stand together on one accord, interceding on one another's behalf regarding our finances. As I pray for myself, I also agree with those reading this. Father, stretch out Your hand over my finances and increase my money in all directions.

Father, allow me to be a good steward of my finances. Father, cancel all debt that belongs to me and those inherited. Father, provide an overflow in each bank account. Provide an increase in my credit score and my credit limit. Father, where it says "pay to the order of," place my name on the line. Father, continue to be my benefactor. Continue to provide all of my needs. Father, because of You, I lack no good thing. Father, because of You, I am a money magnet.

Father, because of You, I do not chase money; the money finds me. Father, because of You, the money doesn't get lost on its way to me; it is not missing one dime; it gets delivered just as You ordered it. Father, because of You, no one is stealing my finances or assets from me. Father, allow the seeds I have sown to produce a miraculous financial harvest. Allow this financial blessing to be timeless without an end. Amen.

**Friendly reminder, we are in the month of October; let's not forget to select one day you will fast from 8-12 noon. Also, please do not forget to save. This is our financial fast, and faith without work is dead. Amen? Amen!


"God is blessing me because I am being obedient; try it and try Him." - Alston Shropshire

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