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A Kiss from Rose | God's Grace

Unmerited favor is a blessing all by itself. When you have done nothing to deserve God's grace, it is a blessing indeed. Many of us have experienced God's grace countless times in our lives. If it were not for His grace, many of us don't know where we would be. For many people, grace is the driving force for them to stay on the right path. When you haven't done anything deserving, and God blesses you anyhow, can you imagine what He would do when you are worthy? He is giving us something we could not obtain by our merit. God is working on changing our hearts. He continues to cover us daily. Do you understand how important and impactful having God's grace is?

Father, we bless Your name today. Father, thank You for Your justifying and saving grace. Thank You for Your prevenient grace. Thank You, Father, for Your growing grace. Thank You for granting me the grace I did not earn. Thank You for blanketing Your arms around me with Your favor and love, in Jesus' name Amen.


" It was by His grace I survived." - Alston Shropshire


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