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A Kiss from Rose | Forgiveness Prayer

As our year is coming to a close, there is no better time than the present to ask for forgiveness and to be forgiving.

Thank You, Father, for a brand new day. Thank You for being the ultimate forgiver. Father, I know. You know, I have tried my best, and I have not given up. I am striving to be a better forgiver and one who asks for forgiveness from others.

Father, allow those I have harmed, said hurtful things, acted or reacted negatively to forgive me. Whether intentional or unintentional, I am seeking their forgiveness and Yours.

Father, forgive me for inaccurately perceiving or misinterpreting their actions and intentions. Forgive me for jumping to judgment. Forgive me for not being eager to listen, ready to comprehend, and slow to speak.

Forgive me for taking things personally, affecting my emotions and thought process.

Father, forgive me for looking at situations from my point of view and not all sides. Forgive me for not showing compassion, empathy, and love. Forgive me for being eager to attack, project aggression, and be condescending. Forgive me for lacking understanding and forgiveness.

Father, forgive me for wanting forgiveness yet unwilling to forgive.

Father, forgive me for holding on to grudges, ill feelings towards others, and harmful past things.

Forgive me for making things all about me and forgetting other people have feelings, too.

Father, forgive me for not remembering that we all are brothers and sisters in Christ and have a cross to bear.

Father, I thank You for Your attentive ear and heart. I thank You for Your grace and mercy as I repent for being unforgiving yet ask for forgiveness.

In Jesus' name, amen.



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