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A Kiss from Rose| Don't Get Tired

Do not get tired of helping others. If you can help, help if you can't do it but know someone who can refer them to that person. Do not get amnesia to the point you forget that someone helped you at least once in your life. No one on this earth made it to where they are alone, not one person. When you are helping someone, do it with a smile. It was already hard enough for them to ask for help in the first place. Think about how many times a person went over and over in their head to ask you. How they must have thought of the negative things, you were going to say. They already know they ask you all the time. They already know it is overkill. If they didn't have to ask, they wouldn't. I help others because I have three sons and three grandchildren, hoping someone would help them. I am hopeful that the seeds that I have sown will be a fruitful harvest and favor for them one day. Sure I think sometimes my kindness gets taken advantage of; then I repent for feeling that way. What if God felt that way about me? He is always coming through for me. I can't afford to stop planting seeds in the ground. I can't afford not to help anyone that I can. It will hopefully show them how to help others. So, don't get tired; God indeed has a reward for you. If they need some food, give them food and a few dollars. If they need a shirt, provide them with the shirt, pants, and shoes. If they need a reference letter, go over the resume or interview question. Some things are free.

When you look over your life, did you get tired of helping? Heck, did you help anyone at all? Did you forget the countless people that were there for you? Is it all about you getting and not giving?


"When I look over my life, I confidently know that I am a giver, and others know that as well."- Alston Shropshire

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