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A Kiss from Rose| December 6th

Have you ever had something so good, so rich in "flavor", and so beautiful to look at? That's how God's goodness is. It just amazes you at how wonderful and miraculous it is, you have to stop and stare. It is so rich in "favor", you can taste it. It is pressed down, shaken together, and running over. Have you ever had something so good like this come from God? Well, I tell you this, waking up every day is one of the many good things He does for you. Every aspect of your life you should be in awe of! It is all according to His purpose. Aren't you wondering what amazing path God has you on and where will it lead? What goodness He has in store for you around the corner? What rich "favor" is coming your way? What beautiful thing awaits you?


"As I await my blessings and favored promised from God, all I can say is THANK YOU FATHER GOD!" - Alston Shropshire


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