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A Kiss from Rose | Covered

You will have to speak to yourself in some cases and some days. Sometimes you will not have that special person to call. Your mom or dad may not be available. Sometimes no one may be around. It is just that simple.

What will you say to yourself on days like this? Because one thing is for sure, the days will come.

Today, let's cover ourselves by talking to ourselves. Make this personal, and add or subtract anything that you need.

Good morning Father; thank You for giving me the authority to speak over myself. Lord, I thank You for being my go-to ear and place of comfort. Thank You, Father, for providing my destination path to favored greatness. As I travel, this thing called life continue to cover me.

I am a favored and covered child walking into greatness. The doors I walk in are covered and favored by You for me. I am a covered and healed child. I am a covered and wealthy child. I am a beneficiary of the "Ultimate Benefactor!" I am the child of Yours with a sound mind, a child who walks in love. Father, as You cover me, the enemy can not get near me. I am shielded from harm. Everything that I touch, You ordered it, and it prospers.

When I open my mouth, You speak through me. I am covered enough to say, "move," to any mountain with dominion power, and it will move. The blood of Jesus Christ covers my home; no harm will come near my dwelling.

My bills are covered! My children are covered! My family is covered! My marriage is covered! My friends are covered! My business is covered!

The diagnosis the doctor gave; is covered. The job/career I am seeking; is covered. The strongholds are covered. The generational curses are covered. It is all covered by the "Blood of the Lamb."

I believe these things over my life as I believe in You. In Jesus' mighty name, amen.


"I am covered!" - Alston Shropshire



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