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A Kiss from Rose | Best Idea

Many people think they have come up with the best ideas in the world. Some of you may think you selected the best spouse, job, car, house, or friends. Although those choices may or may not have been great ones, the best idea you ever have was cultivating your relationship with God. The best thing you could have ever done was accept the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal Savior. Do you remember when you stopped and said, "Lord, I need You and want You in my life?" I am sure that day was the most freeing experience you ever felt. If you have not done so, try it. It will be the best idea you have ever had. When you walk with God, you are walking with power, an anointing, favor, miracles, the blood, and victory.

Tell me an idea that's better than this.


" I came up with the best idea in the world, to walk with God." - Alston Shropshire


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